Excellent Facilities

When you go on a holiday, have you ever found it difficult to take you pet along? Do you feel uncomfortable leaving him at home or with friends, who inspite of good intentions are not apt at taking care of your pet? To make matters worse, most boarding accomodation can at best be called poor.

Commando boarding is the solution. Located on a lush 3 acre farm on the outskirts of Secunderabad, Commando Kennels offers the best boarding facilities for your pet. It is no wonder that our kennel was chosen as the R&D kennel by Waltham - world leaders in pet nutrition. At commando farms, each dog is housed in cool and comfortable individual kennels. With experienced and trained attendants on duty.

Professional Grooming

Your pet is groomed daily by professional dog handlers who handle the dog without stressing. Especially dogs not used to brushing are gradually brought about to enjoy grooming.

Regular Exercising

All boarding dogs are taken for regular bi-daily interactive walks. For those that enjoy swimming, we also have a dog’s swimming pool. We ensure that your pet is maintained in the peak of health.

Customised Feeding

All dogs in our kennel are fed ‘Pedigree’ dog food. However, we provide customised meals for boarding dogs. Whatever your dog is used to eating, will be fed at the farm. Since boarding pets usually come for a short duration we do not change their diet.

Veterinary Care

We keep in touch with your vet regarding your dog’s health. In case of any sickness, we consult the vet of your preference In the event of any emergency, we have a well stocked in house clinic and trained personnel capable of administrating first aid.

All in all, we ensure your dog has a comfortable and memorable stay at the farm. It is a tribute to our facilities that many owners leave their dog for a holiday even when they are in town!!

Dog training Videos

Heel onleash inspite of distractions
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off leash on sit stay - group exercise
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