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World-Class Detection K9s

World-Class Detection K9s

Commando Kennels is the largest provider of detection dogs in India. In addition to this, our trained detection dogs are regularly deployed in war zones and sensitive locations across the world.

We follow the highest standards of dog training, welfare and handler training to ensure each K9 team is an effective weapon.

We constantly keep enhancing and refining our skills and knowledge to keep ourselves abreast with the latest in dog training and K9 operations.

For world class detection services, Commando Kennels is the best solution you can find.

Commando Kennel’s detection K9s are on par with the best available K9s anywhere in the world.

  • We follow global standards of training, scent imprinting and K9 welfare
  • We are India’s most qualified Detection Training Team, having been trained by international experts for hundreds of hours
  • Iraq, Afghanistan, South Sudan, and Sri Lanka are only a few of the countries where our detection K9s have been deployed
  • Our K9s are deployed in over 100 locations across India, owing to our pan-India presence
  • With a state-of-the-art scent imprinting laboratory, our training facility is the most advanced of its kind
  • Over 50,000 sqft of our training space is dedicated to K9 training
  • We have obtained access and permission to train our K9s on LIVE explosives
Explosive Detection Dogs – Hire

Every head of security operations contributes to the deterrence of anti-social elements. However, flimsy searches with under-car mirrors and frisking are insufficient to stop a trained terrorist.

Suspect Identification K9s – Hire

When a theft happens in an office or factory, a suspect identification dog can be extremely useful in identifying the culprit.

Narcotic Detection Dogs – Hire

Our narcotic detection dogs help to discourage drug use and promote a drug-free environment by detecting drugs on people, in furniture, lockers, or bags.

Dogs trained to detect a wide range of diseases, from diabetes to cancer by detecting very low concentrations of scents which makes them better than machines.

Hire Professional Arson Detection K9s

Arson Detection Dogs are rapidly proving themselves to be a valuable asset to the arson investigator.

Build Your Own K9 Squad

Use our expertise to put together a world-class K9 squad at the onset. Our K9 training school’s experts have vast experience in training K9 protection and K9 detection dogs.

We train Single and multipurpose detection K9s capable of searching.


  • Vehicles – Cars, Motorbikes, LGVs and HGVs, both inside and out.
  • Indoors – Accommodation, Hotels, Airport, Offices and Storage Containers.
  • Areas – Urban, Rural, Fields, Forest, Industrial, Rail Lines, Train Platforms and Stadia.
  • Baggage/Items – An on or off leash linear search of up to 40 single-item objects.
  • Human Trails – Moving people in public and crowded places or areas within a 3 to 5 meter radius.
  • Cargo – Air, Land and Sea
  • We also train a wide range of detection dogs for K9 search and rescue, from explosive detection dogs to scent detection dogs.