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Suspect Identification K9s – Hire

Suspect Identification K9s- Using the Power of Sensory Organs and Professional Training

Dogs are known for having a fantastic sense of smell, and humans have exploited them for their superior sniffing abilities throughout history. They continue to be used for hunting foxes and rabbits, and in the past, they have also been utilized to assist law enforcement in locating fugitives or missing persons.

Detection dogs are successful when utilised for security or as part of police activity and provide a unique perspective. Dogs use their sense of smell to perceive their environment, whereas humans mostly use sight. A search dog’s superior sense of smell to the ordinary person is at least 10,000 times better, providing many options for searching and tracking.

Federal, state, and local governments frequently use canine service dogs for community policing, guarding vital infrastructures such as airports, jails and prisons, power plants, and nuclear facilities, and providing security at public locations like schools, malls, and sports arenas. The National Park Service, the Forestry Service, and fire departments employ canines for fire suppression and arson detection. For suspect identification detection, trailing, and troop safety, the military uses working dogs. These trained suspect identification k9s help officials in identifying criminals or criminal spots. Commando Kennels trains its dogs to identify threats through their unique sensory organs.

Suspect identification dogs claim to be capable of finding anything. A dog’s nose can detect anything from prohibited cell phones in jails to dangerous diseases and bedbugs. Tracking evidence is helpful in criminal investigations and trials, but identifying evidence gained by a dog’s alert can be very prejudiced.

Suspect Identification Dog Services- Leaving No Space for Error

Suspect identification K9s at Commando Kennels are four times faster and more accurate than humans at searching an area. Humans are no match for a trained detection dog in search and detection.

Nowadays, detection dogs are taught to recognise various objects and chemicals for security reasons. They are frequently used to find explosives, illegal substances, tobacco, weapons, cash, human remains, and even exotic species.

A trained suspect identification dog can locate the offender without using fingerprints or a trail. To enlist the dog’s assistance in your inquiry, the criminal must touch the object long enough for his scent to be transferred. While identifying evidence gathered through a dog is not biased, tracking evidence in criminal investigations and trials sometimes are.

Is there something on your site that you don’t have? Is there something missing in your office?

Is it possible that the thief leaves a hint or touches/holds anything long enough for his scent to be transferred to the object? Commando Kennel’s suspect identification dogs can easily identify the culprits.

Using Trained Suspect Identification K9s to Speed up the Search

When a theft happens in an office or factory, a trained suspect identification dog is a valuable companion in identifying the perpetrator among a group of suspects. There will be no lengthy procedures, unjustified delays, or unneeded publicity. We offer professional and private services. A trained suspect identification dog does not require fingerprints or a trail to identify the criminal. It is only an item the criminal held long enough for their smell to transfer. Trust our dogs to solve the case if you are puzzled after a theft.

At Commando Kennels, one of the leading suspect identification dog services, our handlers undergo extensive and precise handler training. This is to establish a formidable team with their dogs to better monitor a factory, big territory, or isolated non-residential locations than any other choice.

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