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Dog Handling Training For Veterinarians In Hyderabad

At Commando Kennels, we proudly offer an exclusive medical handling course for practicing veterinarians in collaboration with Tierarzt-Frey. Our training program is geared towards enhancing the global standard of animal handling in veterinary practice.

Embracing a Humane Approach in Veterinary Practices

In the world of veterinary medicine, the well-being of animals is paramount. At Commando Kennels, we understand this and have developed a comprehensive training program emphasizing low-stress handling techniques. These methods ensure animals’ and veterinary professionals’ safety and comfort during medical examinations and treatments.

Why Low-Stress Handling?

Low-stress handling techniques are essential for several reasons:

Our Training Program

Our program is designed to offer practical experience in:
Benefits of Training at Commando Kennels
Join Us at Commando Kennels

Take the next step in your veterinary career by mastering low-stress handling techniques at Commando Kennels. Join our community of compassionate and skilled veterinary professionals committed to making a difference in animal care.

Enroll now in our medical handling course and become a part of this revolutionary approach to veterinary care in Hyderabad.


As an owner of a big factory there were security concerns. There was always a risk of forced entry in our premises, while I had a team of security guards there was not a single night where I could sleep peacefully. I heard a lot about Commando Kennels patrolling dogs and wanted to hire them for my factory's security. I had a word with Mr Philip Butt who assured me that the patrolling dogs will deter any sight breaching. And I'm very much satisfied with the services provided by Commando Kennels.